The revenue cycle of a typical dental is complex and made up of several

Our experts have the industry’s best practices, tools, and methodologies
to improve client satisfaction. We aim at achieving constant growth and
technology enhancements by cutting down management costs.

ACIDUS is a leading national provider of revenue cycle management
services to Dental Practices. Progressive practices are partnering with
ACIDUS to increase the productivity and profitability of their practice
while improving the quality of the patient’s experience. Our experts
combine industry best practices and innovative tools and methodologies
to help improve patient satisfaction, reduce operational costs while
streamlining processes through continuous improvements and technology

ACIDUS Offerings for Dental Practices

·         Appointment Scheduling

·        Eligibility/Benefit verification

·        Medical & Dental cross coding

·        Charge entry & Claim submission

·        Clearing house & Insurance rejections

·        Payment Posting & Denial Management

.         AR Follow-up & Patient collections

Medical & Dental cross coding

Coverage varies by plan. However, some services provided by dentists are typically considered “medical” in nature and covered by most payers. Common procedures covered include but are not limited to the following.

·       Dental Sleep Medicine (Sleep Apnea Appliances)

·       Implants / Oral Surgery

·       TMJ Disorder Treatment & Appliances

·       Medicare for Dental Sleep Medicine

·       Sinus Lifts / Maxillary & Mandibular Bone Grafts

·       Mucositis

·       Frenectomy for Infant Tongue Ties

·       Oral Cancer Screening

·       Guided Tissue Regeneration / Periodontal

·       Oral Systemic Infection

·       Botox Injections for Painful Bruxism

·       Cone Beam CBCT/Panorex & Exams for These Procedures